TellCapriottis: Win a free 9″ Sub To Complete The Customer Satisfaction Survey At

Capriotti’s is a Delaware-based fast-casual restaurant chain that is being situated in the United States. The restaurant chain was founded in Wilmington, Delaware in the year 1976. On the other hand, Capriotti’s has a total of 106 company-owned and franchise sites in 16 states, comprising the District of Columbia.

The major specialties of Capriotti’s are cold, grilled, and vegetarian hoagies or submarine sandwiches. Every single restaurant roasts whole turkeys for 12 hours nightly, hand pulls meats, as well as makes their own meatballs and coleslaw.

TellCapriottis customer satisfaction survey opens a completely new dimension for customers to have a say in Capriotti’s sandwich shop. Capriotti’s isn’t just a business but a restaurant that’s run by both customers as well as the staff equally. By taking part in the Capriotti’s customer satisfaction survey you are being held responsible for giving honest as well as bias-free feedback for helping the company.

A customer review is very important for any organization as they can get to know whether the customers are liking their products and services or not. High levels of customer satisfaction also improve the reputation of the company, which will make other people visit their store and also to receive their services at best.

The main factor for the success of this brand is its customers who are situated all around the world. Therefore, the main objective of this brand is to make their customer happy and satisfied with their food and services.

If you are one of those who are searching to get more information about the TellCapriottis Survey, then you must read the following article until the end. You are perfectly at the right place as today with the help of this article, we are going to provide you major details regarding TellCapriottis Survey. So, without wasting any time let’s get started….

TellCapriottis: Win a free 9″ Sub To Complete The Customer Satisfaction Survey At


TellCapriottis Survey Details

TellCapriottis Survey Prize Coupon Code valid for Free 9″ Sub w/ Any Sub Purchase
Coupon Valid For 30 Days
Receipt Valid For 3 Days
Coupon Limitation Coupon Must Be Redeemed At Receipt Location
Entry Limit Unlimited

TellCapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey

Being considered to be one of the most successful as well as the popular restaurant has never been so easy. Therefore, Capriotti’s has been continually updating the service policy and analyzing the satisfaction level of customers through consistent surveys and feedback.

Customers give their honest reviews or else can submit their complaints about the products and services of the company. This, on the other hand, helps the company to understand their working conditions, about their employees and products and so on.

In the survey, a good number of questions are asked. The questions being asked in the survey are going to be related to your recent visit to Capriotti’s stores such as about the cleanliness of the store, co-operatives of the working staff, accessibility of the products, price, quality of the products and so much more.

TellCapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey: Survey Requirements

  • Participants of TellCapriotti’s customer satisfaction survey should be legal residents of the United States.
  • If you are interested in participating in Capriotti’s customer satisfaction survey you must have an elementary understanding of the English language so you can easily answer the survey questions.
  • You must have a 15-Digit Survey Code that would be printed on the register receipt of Capriotti’s.
  • Individual taking part in this customer survey is asked to make a purchase at first. Purchase is essential to get Capriotti’s sales receipt.
  • Individuals taking part in this customer survey must be willing to provide honest feedback as per their dining experience at Capriotti’s.
  • For attaining the most out of Capriotti’s guest survey, you must browse it on a javascript and cookies enabled web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and so on.

TellCapriottis: Win a free 9″ Sub To Complete The Customer Satisfaction Survey At

TellCapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey: Survey Restrictions

There are also some restrictions that you need to follow while taking part in TellCapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey and these are as follows:

  • Individuals who are less than 18 years of age at the time of entry can’t take part in the survey.
  • Customers are not allowed to influence any person’s feedback as per their experience.
  • Also, you are not allowed to cheat or cause any harm to the Capriotti’s customer satisfaction survey.
  • Gifts can’t be transferred or shared with anyone else.
  • If anyone is connected with the company, then they can’t take in the survey, such as employees of Capriotti’s, sponsors, administration, marketing agencies, affiliates, or any of their family members can’t take part in the TellCapriotti’s Survey.

TellCapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey: Steps To Participate  

If you want to take part in the TellCapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey, but don’t know how to participate, then follow these simple steps given below:

  1. At first, you have to grab your Capriotti’s sales receipt.
  2. After that, you should head over to TellCapriotti’s customer satisfaction survey official site, the link for which is
  3. Customers are going to be welcomed to participate in the Capriotti’s survey.
  4. Now, you have to read the on-site instructions very carefully before beginning the survey.
  5. After that, you have to locate the 15-Digit Survey Code that would be printed on your receipt.
  6. Now you have to type it down in the form field.
  7. After that, you have to simply click on the “Start” button to get going with the Capriotti’s survey.
  8. Now you’ll see some survey questions that are related to the company’s products and services as well about their employees.
  9. Answer all the questions honestly one by one according to your dining experience at Capriotti’s.
  10. You may possibly be asked to enter personal information.
  11. At last, before exiting the survey, you must double-check your feedback.

TellCapriottis: Win a free 9″ Sub To Complete The Customer Satisfaction Survey At

Tellcapriottis Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize & Rewards

Prize details of the feedback survey:

  1.   After Completing The Survey The Company will reward you with a free 9 sub.
  2.   A purchase is required from a Capriotti’s store.
  3.   The reward will be given to you on your next visit to the Capriottis store.

 Tell Capriottis Survey Questions

The following types of questions will be asked during the Capriotti’s guest experience survey.

Question # Question
Question 1 Rate your visit to the Capriotti’s Restaurant on a scale of 1 to 5
Question 2 Answer a bunch of questions about
1- The food you ordered
2- The price you paid and
3- The time that food took to arrive
Question 3 Then rate some of the services provided to you during your visit i.e.
1- The behavior of the employees
2- The overall cleanliness of the restaurant
3 – The environment of the restaurant
Question 4 Comment about your personal experience at Capriotti’s
Question 5 At last, you’ll be asked to enter your personal information and you’ll receive the free sub coupon code.

TellCapriottis: Win a free 9″ Sub To Complete The Customer Satisfaction Survey At

Tell Capriotti’s Survey Contact Details

If in any case, you have some questions regarding the Tell Capriotti’s Guest Satisfaction Survey or regarding the brand, then you can contact to Capriotti’s customer service, the details are as follows:

Capriotti’s Corporate Office

6056 S. Durango, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV, 89113


(702) 736-3878

Sara Falwell

Fishman Public Relations


[email protected]


(847) 945-1300

For Capriotti’s Customer Experience Survey Site:

For Official Capriotti’s Site:

Capriotti’s Customer Feedback Survey Links

  • For Capriotti’s Guest Experience Survey Site: Click Here.
  • For Official Capriotti’s Site: Click Here.
  • Capriotti’s Survey Terms Of Service: Click Here
  • Capriotti’s Survey Privacy Policy: Click Here


With the help of this article, we have discussed many things about TellCapriotti’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you. I hope this article has helped you to know more about the Survey. Let us know in the comments section how the experience with TellCapriotti’s Customer Satisfaction Survey goes for you.

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