Mycfavisit: Get Free Sandwich By Completing The Survey At

Mycfavisit: Do You Like Fast foods? well !! so don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy the delicious chicken sandwiches and burgers made from Chick-fil-A. the company is providing discount coupons by sharing your views and feedback through the Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey. you can complete the guest feedback survey just by visiting and getting a free Sandwich as a reward.

Chick-fil-A is the American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in the City of College Park, Georgia which was founded in May 1946 and operates more than 2,200 restaurants In the United States. The Restaurant is specializing in breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner. Chicken Sandwiches and Burgers are the main foods of the Restaurant. Like other Fast food chains, the company adopted the franchise models for expansion. All the Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Sundays and most of the people in the USA prefer Chic-fil-A over KFC.

If you’re a regular customer of Chic-fil-A and enjoy their foods then you have a great chance to receive a free meal or $1500 coupon for your next visit to the restaurant. you can actually do so by just filling the Mycfavisit Survey through their official website. but it is not so simple as it sounds because you need to finish the Mycfavisit Customer Satisfaction Survey within two days of purchase. many peoples complain about Chick-fil-A Survey is not working. This survey will help in evaluating the performance of the Staffs as well as finding the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Mycfavisit Survey is offering rewards and discount coupons to its customers who eat at their restaurant. Also, people who take part in the Study will get free chicken sandwiches. The Company wants to know the customer’s experience with the restaurant about foods Quality, cleanness, staff behaviors, Customer services, and much more. The survey is very important because the Restaurant chain wants to improve its services so that they can attract more customers towards them. The Restaurant also expects that its customers must experience excellent services whenever they visit their place. Whenever they are not experiencing good services then they must figure out what is the reason for the bad experience.

In Order to take part in the Mycfavisit Guest Satisfaction Survey you just need to purchase any food items from the Restaurant and with the help of that purchase receipt, you are able to enter into the Mycfavisit Survey. So Taking your precious time to answer the questionnaire, the users are rewarded for answering the straightforward questions. you only need to fill out the questionnaire which will not take more than five minutes and after finishing it you will get free Sandwiches.

If you have any recent visits to mycfa Restaurant and you really want to participate in the Survey then only you need to have the mycfa receipt. The Participant needs to fill the invitation code of the Mycfavisit Customer Satisfaction Survey so that you can have Easy Access to Mycfavisit Survey. You can find this code on the receipt and if in case you don’t find the code then you can Fill in the details about your last visit to the Restaurant.

Mycfavisit: Get Free Sandwich By Completing The Survey At


Mycfavisit Customer Satisfaction Survey

Guest Satisfaction Survey measures the satisfaction level of the Customers about the Services and Products provided by any Company. where in this Survey all the customers who meet the eligibility criteria are able to take part in the Survey and give your honest opinion about the experience visit to the Store. Chick Fil A restaurant offers a great opportunity for Customers to give their honest feedback just by visiting the Chick Fil Official Survey Portal at no business can succeed without getting honest feedback from its customers.

Chick-fil-A knows about this very well. that’s why they have issued their online Survey Web Portal where you are able to give your feedback and reviews about your recent visits, Foods quality, and services you got at the Chick-fil-a Restaurant. The best part about completing this Survey is that you will get free Foods usually Sandwiches as the thanking Gift in return from Chick-fil-A restaurant.

mycfavisit guest satisfaction survey provides the opportunity to share your valuable feedback, complaints, and personal suggestions which can help to improve their services. simply you only need to share your genuine Answers or Simple Survey questionnaire at

Mycfavisit Survey Rewards, Prizes, And Coupons


After finishing the mycfavisit Customer satisfaction Survey users are able to get the validation code or $1500 cash prize for the free sandwich. all the customers are able to get a free sandwich when users will visit the restaurant again. Users have to note the validation code when they receive the code on the backside of the receipt. Show the receipt with the validation code to the restaurant and get your free sandwich.

In Order to take part in the survey sweepstakes drawing, users need to just required to complete their survey procedure successfully using the official survey website.

Mycfavisit: Get Free Sandwich By Completing The Survey At

Mycfavisit Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules 

  • Your age must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have a legal resident of the United State of America.
  • You must have a basic understanding of the English or Spanish Language.
  • Need one electronic device like Laptop, Personal Computer or Mobile having reliable internet connectivity.
  • You must have a Chick-fil-A purchase receipt.
  • One purchase receipt can be used for one Mycfavisit survey at
  • Chick-fil-A staff member or director and their family members can not participate in Chick Fil A Survey.
  • Use Chick Fil A Free Sandwich coupon within 30 days.

Mycfavisit Survey Terms And Conditions

  • You should have a recent purchase receipt with Chick Fil Survey Code.
  • The receipt should be valid and must not be older than 30 days of time to be legible for the survey.
  • You should be able to read and write English or Spanish to complete the survey.
  • You must have an electronic device i.e. maybe a mobile phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet with a good internet connection.
  • Internet connection or Wifi connection to the device which you are using.
  • A legible Email address that you can be asked to input while giving the Survey.
  • Basic understanding of English to give answers to the Chick Fil Survey questionnaire.
  • You should have the ability to recall your last experience.

Mycfavisit: Get Free Sandwich By Completing The Survey At

Mycfavisit Survey Questions-

Mycfavisit Customer Satisfaction Survey Mainly Intended to collect genuine information about the following:

  • Cleanliness of the outlets.
  • Friendliness of the staff.
  • Overall Satisfaction with their services.
  • The quality of products.
  • Departments you visited.
  • Price comparison to other brands.
  • Time to check out.
  • Problems faced during the visit.

Important information about the Mycfavisit Survey-

  • You Can take part in the survey through the official website
  • After finishing the Mycfavisit survey, you are able to receive the validation code to win $1500 or a free chicken sandwich.
  • The validity for redeeming the validation code is 30 days.
  • The restaurants are closed during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Easter Day.
  • You can also do the survey using the mail-in entry method by sending your details in a postcard to the following address, Chick-Fil-A cares, P.O. Box 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139 – 9923.

Mycfavisit: Get Free Sandwich By Completing The Survey At

How to Complete the Survey from MyCFAVisit?

The MyCFAVisit Customer Experience survey takes about 5-6 minutes to complete. In return for your 5-6 minutes, Chick-fil-a rewards you with freebies, prices, and coupons. This Survey provides a basic questionnaire that concerns the guest or Customers Satisfaction at the store outlets. Guest overall satisfaction, food quality, price, food order accuracy, order purchases facility, the response by team staff, etc. are some issues that are asked in the survey and users need to answer them. here below is the Complete Step by Step Process to Complete the Mycfavisit Feedback Survey Guide:

  • First Enter into the official Chick Fil A Guest Satisfaction Survey website i.e.
  • Now here you are on the official Survey Page of Chick-Fil-A. you need to read the Welcome Note, Sweepstakes Rules, and Select a Language out of English and Spanish on your prior in order to share your experience.
  • Now, Here You Need To Enter the serial number that is printed on your receipt and click on “START” in order to access the survey.
  • Once, your code gets verified by the survey server, you will be redirected to the official guest feedback page of Chick-Fil-A.
  • Now Here you will get the series of questionnaires. Where you will be asked to share your genuine Answers to some Points of concern about your dining experience.
  • Here You Need To Rate their customer services and products quality with some other points of concern based on your latest dining experience.
  • Now Select your Answers as appropriate using the on-screen Prompts to Guide You.
  • The survey questions want to take more than five to ten minutes to complete. So, please go through each of the points to complete the survey.
  • You Need To Give Honest Answers to the Management team. Your answers provide a clear image of your satisfaction level.
  • When you finish answering the Mycfavisit Survey Questionnaires, You will be asked to join the Monthly Chick-Fil-A Sweepstakes drawing.
  • Now Here you need to select YES, and provide all the Required Details to join the Monthly Chick-Fil-A Sweepstakes DrawingYou need to provide your Full Name, Address, Your Email, and Your Phone Number, etc. So, that they can enter you in the monthly Mycfavisit Sweepstakes.
  • In the last step, submit the completed Mycfavisit Guest Feedback Survey to Enter the Sweepstakes with a chance of winning Chick Fil A Sweepstakes worth $1500 in cash.
  • Now, Wait for the winner’s announcement. If you are the lucky winner, then you will be contacted by the Sweepstakes Administrator.

MyCFAVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey Video Guide-

The missing receipt or MyCFAVisit survey code?

There are so many people who want to give the review for Chick-fil-A but they do not have any receipt and survey code, or you want to connect with the management of the restaurant.

Then I am here to tell them what they should do. There is a contact form available for these people on the URL at the website of Chick-fil-A which is On this page, you have to write some of your details like your name, email id, and your contact number.

Below all these things there is a section available with the name of the comment. You can write your experience or the comment for the restaurant. It will directly go to the customer service department of the organization. But you will not get any kind of reward in this case.

This option is available for those customers who just want to share their experience with the organization without the expectation of any reward.

You have to fill in some important information if you want to connect with the customer care service for the purpose of making complaints.

  • You Have to Use so many Mediums to make a complaint or to get some help to resolve your issue like talking to the manager, speaking to the customer care service official, giving feedback on the application, and giving feedback on some social media platform of the website.
  • After choosing the method, you will be asked to select the location of the restaurant for with you want to make a complaint.
  • Then you need to tell them the date and the time of your visit to the restaurant so that the officials can tally them with their databases as well.
  • You wall asked then the details like what happens when you enter in the restaurant, how you made your order like from the application or at the counter or at the drive-thru or via mobile phone, in how much time your order will be fulfilled by the restaurant, etc.
  • Then they may ask you that what was the type of your order like dine-in or drive-thru or carry out.
  • Then they will ask you about the details of your complaint. And from which type of restaurant they were dissatisfied.
  • They will note your complaint and provide you some kind of complaint number and assure you that they will definitely make an inquiry of the matter and resolve the issue.

Mycfavisit: Get Free Sandwich By Completing The Survey At

How To Submit Feedback?

  • Go to
  • Click contact us.
  • Click on the “Send Feedback” Button.

How To Share Feedback?

  • Choose “Share Feedback” and click it.
  • Choose the feedback type.
  • Provide Chick-fill-A store location.

How To Register Complaints?

  • Choose a city and state name.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Click “Show Results”.
  • Provide the date and time you ordered.
  • Tell how you ordered.
  • Tell how you received an order.
  • Click “Continue” and type feedback.
  • Click on “next”.
  • Give your contact details.
  • Click submit.

Important FAQs

1Q: Will my contact details be kept private?
Ans: Yes, Chick-Fil-A requires this information in order to send the coupon code to you. Your personal information will not be made public.
2Q: What is the Validity of the Free Sandwich Coupon Code?
Ans: You have to use this free sandwich coupon code within 30 days of receiving it.
3Q: How many times can I use this Coupon Code?
Ans: You can enjoy this free coupon code only once.
4Q: Is this code shareable?
Ans: This coupon code is a gift for taking out your time to fill Chick-Fil-A’s customer experience survey hence it’s not shareable.

Contact Details

  • Contact the Chick-fil-A customer care service team by calling the following number.

                  Phone number: 1-866-232-2040.

  • You can also send the letter to this address Chick-fil-A Cares, P.O. Box 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-9923.
  • The working hours of the restaurant are from Monday to Saturday 8:00 A.M – Midnight ET.
  • Social site:
    1. (Twitter)
    2. (Instagram)
    3. (Facebook)

Bottom Lines

So, that’s it for this post. We told you everything that you need to know about the MyCFAVisit Customer Experience Survey. If you have any doubts or queries then you can simply ask them in the comments section. If you liked this trick of getting a free Sandwich at Chick-Fil-A by filling their survey then don’t forget to share this trick with your friends on social networking sites. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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